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to be balanced, for me, the only downfall is the track Sunset (Bird of Prey) track 3 which even to this day, I havent been able to enjoy. Overall, this is a wicked album, with an eclectic mix of sounds and moods. Though I am not saying his work was rubbish before this album, far from it, but I feel this was a landmark album; where he had polished his craft and grown as an artist. The albums title is an allusion to the Oscar Wilde" We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

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Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars is the third studio album by British big beat musician Fatboy Slim. Demons, for more information, check out Amazon. Leigh says: This album is almost perfect, and contains one of my all-time favourite tracks Demons featuring Macy Gray. It was released on 6 November 2000 through Skint Records. In many respects, Id say this album is when Fatboy Slim turned a corner philips haarschneider rabatt and became much more of a creditable artist. Germany has accepted nazi raccoons, very tolerant of them. He has decided to run Linux on it (what a surprise). We discuss this in detail and without getting sidetracked at all.

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